Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well I have cut out around all the pattern pieces and pressed them.  Pressing them insures that they will lie flat on the fabric and make cutting out more precise and easier.

I am thinking I will cut along the size 6 lines.  I am waiting for confirmation of the measurements from Hanne's Mom.  Just as soon as they come in, I will begin cutting out the fabric.

I am anxious to get started stitching this darling dress together, but as I go along I find I may be changing my mind and doing more of a jumper, I am just a wee pit nervous about the dark and light fabrics being on the same garment.  I would hate for the dark cranberry cord to fade onto the paisley.  May end up making a blouse to go under it so they can be washed separately!

Well this is as far as I can go today.  Will be back when the actual cutting of the fabric begins!

Happy Sewing!

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