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  I  always knew I would grow old one day, just didn't know then how difficult it was going to be to do it gracefully, but at the age of fifty-eight I keep trying and I learn something new everyday!!

I live in a small city in the Mid-eastern part of Tennessee with my wonderful husband.

I have five grown children and two grown step children.  They are all terrific kids and I love them all dearly.  Together they have given me thirteen grandchildren.   Most of them live in in other cities, and I never seem to see them as often as I would like or as long as I would like.

I am trying to fill my empty nest with lots of "made with love" projects and really wish I had not waited so long to start sewing again.  I can't believe how much things have changed in the last 15 or so years since I hung up my needle and thread, got rid of all my sewing "stuff" and entered into a life of not sewing.  I am having to learn some new techniques and relearn quite a few things that once were so easy for me.  I hope you will enjoy following along as I retrace old steps and take a few new ones along the way.

I am no professional, although in the past I have sewn for others and taken more classes than you can shake a stick at.   Please check back often and be patient with this old lady trying to learn new tricks.

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Happy Sewing!

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